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In the mailbox

I’ve received a new writing journal called 365 Things to Write About, by Allegra Newman and Peter Trauth. I plan to review it after playing with it for a while.  

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How can you tell which words are needless?

“Omit needless words” is one of the best known dictums of good writing, dating back at least to William Strunk, Jr.’s 1918 edition of The Elements of Style. OK, fine. Omit needless words. But how can you tell which ones … Continue reading

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Typography for Professional Writers

Hrmmm. I may need to spend some time boning up on typography–“the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs” (according to Wikipedia). Over at The (New) Legal Writer, Ray Ward points to Matthew Butterick’s new … Continue reading

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Yahoo! It’s a Style Guide!

The Yahoo! Style Guide: Writing and Editing for the Web was published earlier this month. If you write for online publishing, it’s well worth a look. (The website, linked above, is also a good resource to bookmark.) What’s that? “What’s … Continue reading

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Document Testing: The Missing Step

You can’t be confident that a document will meet it’s goals until you take one final step: testing. Here are some methods you can use. (PDF format.)

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Writers, Safeguard Those Precious Words

Here’s a roundup of tools that can make your writing life a little less stressful.
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