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Spot the Error: Pundit Edition

Spotted in a bit of political commentary: If the Romney team believed their own inevitability rhetoric, failing to invest for victory yesterday just as they did before South Carolina, that doesn’t auger well for their ability to make sound decisions … Continue reading

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Spot the Error: Lists Edition

Here’s a poser for you: Our local daily newspaper has a front-page article describing how frequently Fargo makes it into lists generated by various magazines, newspapers, and websites. A few paragraphs into the story is this: Meanwhile, The Daily Beast … Continue reading

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Spot the Error: Pawn shop edition

From an article in the local newspaper: Bahls said popular television shows like “Hardcore Pawn” and “Pawn Stars” have helped business because many people are exposed to what it is pawn shops really do, and it peaks curiosity in new … Continue reading

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