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Separated by a common language

I have a guest post on Elaine Swift’s Word Alchemy blog, about some of the differences between American and British English. The first time I ended up on Elaine’s blog, I found myself giggling about her article “A few little … Continue reading

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I didn’t know there was a word for that

If a duel is combat or a contest between two people, what do you call it when there are three people involved? Nancy Friedman points us to the word we need: truel. Used mostly in game theory, truel was coined … Continue reading

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A random question about how expressions change

When did "boat-load" and "buck-naked" become "butt-load" and "butt-naked?" Could they become "booty-load" and "booty-naked?" (Cross-posted at Dispatches from Outland.)

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Language: The stuff of thought

Here’s a linguist, Steven Pinker, giving a talk that begins to explain why the messages we send are more than just the words we say, but how we say them. In my last post, I said the way to be … Continue reading

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