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Meme Fail of the Day – February 25, 2016: Possessive Edition

For want of an apostrophe…. And a period.. Nit-picking, perhaps, but if they could get it right for “woman’s,” then why not for “man’s?” Details do matter. (By the way, what does Princess Anna from the Disney movie Frozen have … Continue reading

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Rejection letters as works of art

If you’ve ever submitted a piece, you’ve received a rejection letter. Here’s a grand one, sent to Gertrude Stein from her editor.

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The impotence of prooreading

Submitted without comment: Correction: This blog post originally stated that one in three black men who have sex with me is HIV positive. In fact, the statistic applies to black men who have sex with men. From (Hat tip … Continue reading

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A proposal for a new usage “rule”

Longtime readers know how I feel about people who say “You can’t start a sentence with ‘Hopefully.’” (The short version is “You most certainly can.” Go here for the long version.) Some people will tell you that you can’t start … Continue reading

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The agony of writer’s block

From Hugh MacLeod of gapingvoid. (If you like this, you can buy a print here. I’m not affiliated with Hugh in any way other than being a fan.)

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Celebrate National Grammar Day!

I almost forgot: Today is National Grammar Day! I haven’t finished eating all of the Valentines Day conversation hearts; I  suppose for National Grammar Day I could proofread the ones that are left.

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Crash blossoms: Signs and wonders edition

Here’s a crash blossom that appeared in our local newspaper, The Forum, on Tuesday: If this is true, Congressman Pomeroy has missed his calling. He should leave politics and begin a career as a flood fighter. (In case you missed … Continue reading

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How not to write: A real-world example

I’ve been receiving some comment spam recently for a “paper writing service.” As I have stated elsewhere, I hate spam, and comment spam is no exception. But these things are so poorly written that I can’t resist sharing one with … Continue reading

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On modifiers

Spotted recently on Twitter: Yeah. What he said.

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Is bad writing actually good for something?

Can bad writing actually be good for something? How about some laughs? The Feminist Law Professors blog has collected some of the best examples of writing that doesn’t quite say what the author intended: the Annals of Bad Writing.

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