Slightly off-topic: Your friendly local bookseller

If you’re a writer, you are also a reader. Q.E.D.

If you are a reader, you occasionally visit a bookstore.

My dear eldest daughter works at a bookstore, and has recently started a blog—Between the Pages—on which she has book reviews and anecdotes from the wild and wooly world of retail bookselling. Today, she offered some advice for getting along with friendly and helpful booksellers.

For example:

2) If you need a specific book and no other will do, it helps us if you know which book it is.
3) Just because your friend got it here, doesn’t mean we don’t need more information than that. I do not know which knitting book your friend bought here yesterday, I’m sorry.
4) Do not try to see how fast you can spin the racks of picture books. Although the resulting explosion of books looks impressive, we are not impressed.

Read the whole thing. Take it to heart. Your friendly and helpful local bookseller will thank you.

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One Response to Slightly off-topic: Your friendly local bookseller

  1. Michelle says:

    For the record, most of those suggestions apply to libraries as well. We do our best to find what people are looking for, but knowing that a book was funny and had a green cover will not help us locate it. And I don’t know about other library systems, but in our computer, once you return a book it is no longer on your account. We can not look up what you checked out last month or last year.

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